Euro 2016 surebets – arbitrage opportunities every day!

Now that the first week of the UEFA Euro 2016 championship is behind it’s clear that this year’s tournament is not boring whatsoever. No matter if you’re a hard football fan or you’re just in it for the arbitrage betting money, you’ve probably been following the England-Russian fan clashes and everything around them.

uefa euro 2016 has a lot of exciting games for arbing

The games are equally exciting as football hooliganism this year, for instance the Ukraine – Germany game was an absolute pleasure to watch. But if you are after great earnings and juicy sure bets – UEFA Euro is a great time for arbing.

Bookmakers are making millions of euros daily, because so many football fans that normally don’t bet on sports have come out to place their bets. A lot of people just bet out of patriotism, without knowing any justified predictions or even player names. This is when TONS of arbing opportunities (surebets) arise.

To get the best of this championship sign up to which is the most reliable and up-to-date surebet finder out there, and start sniping probability like a pro.

The moment you get to the dashboard you’re loaded with useful info, for instance here’s a surebet from the Group D Czechia – Croatia match, it’s been there for 15 hours so it’s probably not getting wiped at all:

Here's a 7% profitability surebet that's been there unnoticed for 15 hours.... yet the tool picked it and lets you place bets.

Once the odds for the coming matches appear in feeds, Surebet.Com runs them through the script and find the best arbitrage bets. Here’s a list of games they will display in just a couple of days:

Wednesday June 15th:

Russia – Slovakia

Romania – Switzerland

France – Albania

Thursday, June 16

England – Wales

Ukraine -Northern Ireland

Germany – Poland

Friday, June 17

Italy – Sweden
Czech Republic – Croatia
Spain – Turkey

Saturday, June 18

Belgium – Ireland
Iceland – Hungary
Portugal – Austria
Quarter- semi- and finals of the UEFA Euro 2016 will probably have even crazier odds mismatches with bookmakers and arbitrage betting opportunities. Make sure you are fully armed for the big money-making and sign-up to the SurebetFinder if you haven’t yet!



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Does Arbitrage betting still work?

Some people have been leaving comments and asking whether sports arbitrage still works. Some are probably cautious to try it for the first time since there is little public info available on it – well except for the couple of forums.

arbitrage betting works if you want it to

Well guess what – it works perfectly well, and no one’s talking about it because they are busy making money. There are not more than just a couple of thousand high-rolling arbers in the world, and you can join them if you use the right tools and follow the rules below.

Some things are valid about arbitrage betting, call them rules if you want – sticking to these rules will help you make money with sure bets:

  • There is still risk, so don’t place all eggs into one basket.

By “eggs” we mean money and bets and by “baskets” – bookmakers. Some hate arbers, some are OK with them. Do not risk with all your winnings and deposits, diversify and don’t keep large sums of money in your accounts.

  • Try to stay low with the bookies

Not all bookmakers are against arbing – most of them don’t care at all. However, just to stay under the radar round up the bet numbers your surebet calculator gives you – e.g. don’t place exact bets of $3731 and the like – place natural-looking bets of $3800 or $3740 at least.

  • Stay attentive and consistent.

This is not gambling so do not act emotional, be impulsive or think about testing your luck in any way. Do whatever your surebet finder suggests and stay away from doubtful or suspicious bets.

  • Be careful with highly-profitable surebets

This relates to the first rule in a way. Any large imbalances that would bring you 15-20% profit might get corrected by the bookers. Grinding on the 5-7% profit surebets that e.g. a subscription will give you is a lot safer and brings good ROI.

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Surebet Finder: Is There Software for Arbitrage Betting

Sports betting is really fascinating and it can become very intense when you actually try to make money online by placing various types of bets. Each bookmaker sets its own odds and those determine the amount of money that you’ll win or lose. Surebets refer to placing bets on various game results and getting a profit regardless of the outcome or just not losing anything. You do that using different bookmakers.

In order to find a surebet, you should get a set of bets where one of them wins or all are returned no matter what and the odds enable you to manage the number of total bets so that the profit from the winning one is better or at least equal to the amount of total bets. Now that’s a very-time consuming thing to do. Also, you have to always do things very rapidly and keep updated with the latest info. Not to mention that you have to gather all the info from many bookmakers.

If you ever tried this, you know that can prove to be quite a mood-killer. Luckily, now we have computers and they can do a tremendous quantity of calculations for us. There is software to find surebets so you don’t have to spend days in a row trying to get the perfect combination. The software is either web-based or a desktop application.

In the case of a surebet finder that comes as a desktop application such as RebelBetting, the servers of the software gather data and odds from the online bookmakers. Then they make the calculations to detect arbitrage situations. When they find one, they send it to the software you installed on the computer. You’ll see the details in a user-friendly interface, including the required information to place a bet.

A web-based surebet finder such as processes the relevant sports betting events, assesses the probabilities, calculates all odds and sends instant notifications through e-mail, ICQ and Jabber. You’ll immediately know when a surebet appears.

Usually the monthly subscriptions to a software for arbitrage betting range between $60 and $175. Each has its own terms so you should check them out and see which is best for you. Remember to verify forums and recommendations when you plan to buy a subscription.

Online sports betting is captivating and can bring you important amounts of money. Now you can just let a surebet finder do its job and find you those profitable bets that will bring you results. Arbitrage betting has never been easier than with a useful software that collects and calculates everything for you.

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How To Easily Find Surebets: Software

If you’re a sports fan, you’d probably love to get some profits out of it. But sports betting is no news and the online one doesn’t seem very appealing either as you know you risk money. And with money being so tight for everyone right now, you probably don’t want to take any chances. Now you have the opportunity to use software for arbitrage betting that will help you win regardless of the outcome of the match.

A surebet refer to the situation when the prices of the bookmakers vary enough so that you can back all the possible results of the event and get a risk-free profit regardless of the outcome. But in order to do that, you should scan hundreds of webpages and odds each minute, to compare them with one another and to determine whether the odds represent a surebet or not. This takes lots of time and you probably have many things to do already.

But there are tools that can do that for you and send you a list of surebets that includes all the information you need. A tool like that is called surebet finder and it’s a software that guides you through the whole process.

You can get free trials to see what they are all about and get familiar with the interface. After you learn the basics of the software, you can subscribe to receive access to all surebets and start trading like a pro. The investment is usually fully covered in a few days of using the surebet finder.

Each software is different in its own way. You can try RebelBetting, Arbets,, SurebetPro, ArbExpert, Mathbet or Surebet Monitor. The most important factor in selecting a surebet finder is the experience you earn when you use the free trial. It’s recommendable to test a few of them in order to be able to make a clear difference. If you’re new to online sports betting through arbitrage betting software, go for a program with a simple and easy-to-use interface to help you get familiar with everything. A software subscription allows you to make an average of 10-20% of the capital per month. The profits will obviously depend on your interest, placed bets and your own capital.

Now it’s time to get involved into online sports betting with a surebet finder and to bet on your favorite player or team. Test the waters by trying some surebet finders, pick one and start involving in the business.

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Surebet Finder: Software for Arbitrage Betting

People love different kinds of sports. Some focus on a single sport, while others enjoy quite many of them, whether they engage in playing the sport themselves or not. They watch sports news, watch games, learn about teams or players and develop a real interest in them. Many sports fans like to bet on the sports they love. For some it’s a hobby, for others it can even be a significant source of income.

Whether you bet to try your luck or you actually want to make good money through online sports betting, you always want to win, right? Losing just ruins your mood. That’s why you should know that there are opportunities each single day to place your bets on various game results with different bookmakers without losing. This concept is called a surebet.

There are about 50,000 bets on all the online bookmakers on a daily basis. Just one percent of the available bets will give you the opportunity for arbitrage trade. Its nearly impossible to find those bets yourself. That’s why you should get software to find surebets for arbitrage betting. A software that serves this purpose is called a surebet finder. It helps you find surebets in exchange for a fee representing subscription to the services. The software continuously looks through massive amounts of data, does evaluations for all the events and all odds set by bookmakers. After that, it creates a list of surebets for you.

The main types of software available right now on the market are ($30 for a monthly subscription), Surebet Monitor ($67 for the monthly subscription), Mathbet ($122 per month), ArbExpert ($68 per month) and Rebelbetting, which charges $175 per month. The cost is actually an investment as a good better will win those money back very quick. The updates for the surebet finders are updated every few minutes or so and you usually have an interface in various languages.

If you’re a sports betting fan, you have to check out the surebet finders. A software like that can maximize your chances of making money from your hobby and turn it into a profitable thing. Regardless of the software you’ll choose, bet responsibly and gain enough information and insight in order to be confident when you bet and to maximize the profit. It’s really useful to check out sports betting forums and to see what others have to say. You can learn from their experience. Also, don’t forget to analyze the sport well before starting to bet on a regular basis.

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A Surebet Finder Is the Key to Risk-Free Profits

If you like online sports betting, you’re probably frustrated that you can’t bet as much as you wish because you can lose money. It’s time to know that you can count on arbitrage betting software to help you significantly increase your profits.

A surebet refers to a situation that occurs between bets of the bookmakers when you win regardless of the outcome. That’s what you’re looking for. The investments need to guarantee returns for whatever outcome of the match.

You don’t have to risk your money. There are arbitrage betting softwares that can help you find surebets and convert them into profits. You can use the differences in the odds that bookmakers provided on certain events to make profits without any risks. According to the terms of the software, you can get instant notifications through email, sms, ICQ or Jabber. They monitors trusted bookmakers and protect you from scams that tempt betters with very high odds but deceive them and they can’t recover the money.

A surebet finder allows you to place multiple bets per day as you’ll have many good arbitrage opportunities. There are actually about 50,000 bets available each day on online bookmakers, so there is plenty of fish in the sea in this field. That means there are enough money to win for each smart better.

The surebets will be updated in real time. You won’t have to waste any time looking for them and making calculations yourself. There will be either a dynamic webpage or a user-friendly interface that will provide you the surebets. That means you can do anything you want while the software is working for you. When the opportunity shows up, you just have to take advantage of it. The software usually has a built-in calculator that will reveal the profit. A currency convertor is highly useful as well.

If you’re a beginner, you should use a free demo to get familiar with the features of the surebet finder. Test it, see what opportunities and benefits it provides and then you can decide whether you’ll invest in that particular software or try another.

At the moment the most frequently used surebet finders are, Mathbet, RebelBetting, ArbAlarm, Arbets and Surebet Monitor. They have various pricings, plans and features so check each of them out. See which of them fits your needs and preferences best as they are quite different. Small but wise steps will lead you to great achievements in online sports betting. Using a surebet finder is the key to risk-free profits.

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IG sports picks official review- read before buying


IG sports picks have been able to establish the reputation of being the good and easy merchandise for sports betting. There are many individuals who want to become a professional sports bettor or just want to have fun while sports betting, this requires certain amount of experience to be gathered regarding the world of sports betting. This is where the IG sports picks website intersects and establishes the comprehensiveness of the sports handicapping system, while offering a bright and wide opportunity to make easy money through sports betting and investment. IG sports picks website has been found by a guy named Dan Penner.

Previously, this particular guy was an accountant; but afterwards he found the way of sports investing in a secure manner which will let you to become eligible for comprehensive amount of bet winnings and you can easily think of it as a secondary source of income. IG sports picks reviews are there to help you with the product that you are going to buy; but it is obvious that there is something positive in this product and that reflects in the user comments and reviews all over the internet as well.

Certain IG sports picks reviews that can be seen over the internet has voted this service as the best and true while being verified in sports betting involvements, regarding the offerings that this particular website has towards helping you to become a successful sports bettor. This website has adopted a different kind of strategy which has been named as sports handicapping service, which lets you to adopt a calculative and cold decision privilege while betting in a game. Regardless, of the game being played or the team that you support; making you emotionless and always calculative before betting is the most obvious procedure that has been adopted in this website sports betting service.

In IG sports picks official reviews the pros of this service has been stated as follows-

  1. It is intuitive as well as user-friendly, even for the ones who have come across the world of betting for the first time and using this particular sports handicapping service.
  2. This service adopts strategies which are better to be said as sports investing instead of sports betting, which makes you able to gain more while investing less.
  3. 60 day money back challenge is something that will never let your money go down to the drain.
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The Art of Betting with Confidence

Finding a sure bet is the holy grail of sports betting, but approach it in the right way and you just might be able to get there.

There are lots of paid services, systems and of course there’s sports arbitrage betting too and no matter what your approach is; you need to go about it in the right way.

Knowledge remains essentially key. Find out form and stats and ignore team news at your peril. It’s just as important to know that Manchester United have won their last five games, as it is to know that they’ll be without Wayne Rooney or Robin Van Persie in attack.

There’s also historical data, trends and ‘bogey teams’; but does what’s happened in the past have any baring of what will happen in today’s match with two totally different teams and managers? It’s unlikely to be a strong indication of an outcome, anyway.

You can also follow a number of tipsters who provide free football bets and tips. Success rates may vary, but collaborating thoughts from a number of experts could provide good pointers to a certain type of bet, whether that’s the match result, number of goals or the half time result.

Read forums and comments sections of a range of regularly visited websites; you can even plug yourself into Twitter and follow the trends on there. No matter where you go, knowledge and free football tips are everywhere, but the art of betting with confidence and the key to success is finding them. It’s practice, it’s patience, it’s hours of research, it’s knowledge and often it’s just being lucky.

No matter what system you adopt and how you go about it, remember to bet responsibly and arm yourself with enough information and tips to bet with confidence and minimise your risk.

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A good arbitrage betting forum?

I’ve been looking for a good arbitrage betting forum to be part of a nice community and learn new things and came around

The forum is pretty active especially in the surebet software section but the registration seems to be closed. Anyone has an account there or knows what’s up with that place?

Please let me know in the comments.

Thanks, Dennis

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Another surebet finding system: RebelBetting from Sweden

I came across Rebelbetting recently and look around their system.

What I got at the first glance was that the price. Their subscription costs much higher that the one of Surebet.Com, although it seems to be the same data they pull.

I have read on some forums that Rebelbetting has been the standard tool for finding surebets for quite some time, and has excellent support. I might agree to the evaluation of their customer support, since they offer a lot of valuable data in their e-mails and the free ebook they get. They seem to be developing really fast as well — I just received an announcement that they have added to new bookmakers to their feed: Betfred and Noxwin. So the system looks really reliable and established.

Another big difference from Surebet.Com is that Rebelbetting offers you a desktop application for finding surebets. That means you need to download a program to your computer and use it to find appearing sports surebets. Some may like it, but today web-based applications, like Surebet.Com are trusted more, because data is always fresh. On the other hand, if the server is down you might lose some precious time. (What do you prefer? Web-based or desktop? Share our opinion in the comments!)

If on the other hand you wish to go with raw data and lower prices, register at Surebet.Com and use their service. In fact, if you are still new to arbitrage betting you can get my sports arbitrage betting e-book right now and start learning more. Do not ever hesitate to ask questions: i am happy to help.

Now, I would like to hear some of your opinions. Are you using Rebelbetting? Have you used it for a long time, and how can you rate your experience if you have? I’d really love to hear your opinions, so speak up!

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